[REVIEW] - IS BESTREPZ.COM LEGIT? - Amazing customer service and communication!!!

Sup rep family, just wanted to post a little review on one of my first purchases off BESTREPZ.com 

Order Details

Rolex Purchase.

Total = $589.76 CAD

Customer Service

My god.. this place is good. As someone who is new to reps within watches and reps I am lucky. This has literally been the easiest online transaction ive had lol. I was quite nervous as I've never ordered anything from anyone on either FRF or sometimeshop. Initially I had questions in regards to how the process is and how everything works. Not only did he explain everything to me, effectively and efficiently through mail. She even personally recorded voice notes and sent them my way. Which made me feel alot more comfortable about the process and the transaction. Needless to say hes become my trusted seller. 10/10


Shipping was $32CAD which is a little steep, however the package got to me in immaculate condition, nothing damaged nor torn. It also only took 8 days to get to me. Shipping fees arent something Mike has control over as they are shipping costs from the company I believe.


Especially considering the product I received, the pricing is excellent. .for the price...DAMN this is a good rolex rep. With any other MF its on par. 10/10


My experience with BESTREPZ.com and Mike was amazing. I will definitely be a returning customer. If you are new to reps and looking to get started...this is easily now my favourite place to shop from. 10/10.


Thanks Mike & all BESTREPZ support people:)